September 10th, 2004

Rain Leaf

DivaCup - First time - hurt and suction...doing something wrong?

I just received my diva cup in the mail. I promptly took out my NuvaRing and tried to insert the Divacup.

- It seems huge in my hands. I'm 30, so I got size 2, but it seems pretty damn big to me

- I folded it as the directions instructed. I tried to push it in and BARELY got it in there. Maybe I just have a tiny vagina (been told that before) but it took about 4 tries in different positions.

- walked around for a sec, could feel the nub in my vagina (maybe I should cut that off)

Then came the scary part - I tried to pull it out and it HURT. I think it was I finally figured out to push my finger up there and squish it to pull it out.
Is this normal? If suction happens all the time, don't you get blood all over your hands when you squeeze it to break the suction and pull it out?

maybe I should have gotten the smaller size?