September 8th, 2004

Leakage with my DC

This is my first time using the DC, and it keeps leaking every 3 hours or so (sometimes even less!). Should I try to push it up a bit farther (as I've read some posters giving that advice in the community)? I don't even dare use it overnight yet. I'm using a tampon for overnights still. This is only my 3rd day into my period so far.

I'm also having trouble with actually having it "open" after I push it inside. You know how you're supposed to bend it in half and then push it in, and it's supposed to pop open? Mine does, except towards the bottom, when it's still bent. I'm sure of it, cuz I can feel it with my fingers. Did any of you have the same problem? O.o It's hard to twist it, like the directions say. :(