September 6th, 2004

In My Heart I Did No Crime

Instead questions.

I just started using Instead. I'm finding it to be pretty constantly uncomfortable- it hurts whenever I cramp, and I think it's behind the subtle-yet-irritating ache in my lower back. Should I maybe take this to mean I've not got it in correctly? If so, I can't honestly imagine it *would* ever go in correctly- I squished the damn thing and crammed it in, and it went in and then hit a point where it said, 'All right, that's it, I go no further!' And so, I argued with it for a bit, and it persisted- in the war of Instead vs. Jane's Vagina, Instead was the clear victor.

I really hope this gets easier.

Also, I'm most fiendishly afraid of leakage. Do these things tend to leak pretty often? I mean, is actual skill required to avoid that problem?

And one more question. Would a reusable cup be preferable? Why? I mean, I know that this has to be a better, more body-friendly option than tampons, but are disposable alternatives less cool?

And I'm done pestering all of you for the moment.