September 4th, 2004


I *heart* my DivaCup

I ordered one when I started my cycle last time, and was not able to use it then.  I started lightly bleeding last night, and got home and put in my DC.  I am not sure if my period is starting, or if it is because I am on blood thinners, and I had a frw celebratory beers, which I am sure makes my blood really thin.  I think it is the former, as I am still bleeding as of now. 

I put in the DC last now, and tried to wear it fairly low, because of the instructions, and it leaked during the night.  This morning, when I took it out and cleaned it, when I inserted it again, i pushed it up a little further, where the base is behind my pubic bone, and it has not leaked since.

I love it, and when it is in place, I can not feel it at all.  Just wanted to let you know how much I love it so far!!!!