September 1st, 2004

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shi* sh*t s*it *hit !!!

Fooking hurricane is coming, and so has my period ... I just started spotting today, so I might spot for two weeks then bleed or I might just start now. I'm on cycle day 31 or 32, I'm very very irregular, I spotted for several weeks before this cycle started, I'm still breastfeeding part time and THE FING HURRICANE IS COMING.

The plan is to ride it out at my aunt's house but I've been changing it out in the shower or with a lot of water at night :(. Should I just give it up and stock up on pads to ride out the storm (I also have a disposy-diapered baby so I'll have a waste pail anyway)?

I might try to get along with min water but I've also sprained my dominant thumb ... :(


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My name is Kelly. I'm the creator/moderator of this joint. I rarely post here but I do check in often and, well, moderate. This place pretty much runs itself, so not a lot of moderating is required. Which is good, considering that there's about 400 (!!!) of you here.

The reason I'm posting today is first, to let you guys (girls. sorry.) know that, yes, there is someone back here adding things to the memories and watching over everything. I (eventually) read every post and pretty much all the comments, too. I see it when someone requests that a post be added to memories and whatnot. I usually don't post a comment in response, and for that I apologize.

Second: I'm asking for some help from you. I want to do some end-of-summer cleaning around here. My first plan is to go through the memories and reorganize them. There's some good stuff there, but I'm finding it a bit ... messy. Plus, I've probably missed an awesome post here or there. So give me links to posts you would like to see in the memories.

I know that every post made here has some bit of info in it that seems worthy of addition to the memories. But we need to keep it reasonable; we can't have every single post memorized! Suggest posts that have a lot of info (in the posts and/or comments) or answer some of the FAQ-type questions a lot of people have about cups.

We're all here to give help and support to each other, and the memories are for storing good information. Therefore, if your post or suggestion doesn't get added ... please don't take it personally.

Other things to think about:
  • Userinfo: What would you like to see on the userinfo page? It's pretty bare right now. [I'd like to take off the "for women only" sentence for a few reasons. I think we can have some Keeper-lovin' guys here, as long as things stay friendly. Thoughts?] Any interest suggestions?

  • Icons: Does anyone want to make some? If we get a lot, should we have a contest and vote on the top three? I can front a bit of a prize to make it worth anyone's while...

  • Layout: Any ideas? I'm usually good with the web design thing but haven't kept up with the S2 system so ... clueless. If someone want's to make a layout, go for it. Keep in mind this is a free account, and it should be simple. No blinkies or tiny text or really narrow columns. Simple.
So! Give me your thoughts. Even if I didn't mention it here, if you have an idea on how to make this a better place ... speak up!

Please keep any discussion of this stuff here in the comments only and off the community. If we decide to do layouts/icons/etc. I'll create a post specifically for that at a later time.
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