August 31st, 2004

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Poll: What brand of reusable cup do you have?

Poll #343702 What brand of reusable cup do you have?

What brand of reusable cup do you have?

I have a Divacup.
I have a Mooncup.
I have a Keeper.
I have more than one brand of reusable cup.
I don't use reusable cups.

Those who have more than one type of reusable cup, please comment on the differences (or lack thereof) you've found between them.

the yeast infection debate

Here's a random thought. After reading the poll on the yeast infections & cups bit, I'm curious about a theory. Mainly, pH and soap. The vagina has a naturally acidic environment. Soap, by default, is basic. I'm curious if the women that have noticed more YI's with their cup are leaving trace amounts of soap on their cups that change the pH of their vagina just enough to make the environment for a YI to occur.
I know, the vagina should be able to buffer any small change... but it's a thought.
Has anyone gone from soap and water to water only (or vice versa) and noticed a difference? It may be worth a shot, soap is mainly used as a lubricant, most of the cleaning occurs from the water.