August 28th, 2004

halloween cat

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hey, i just wanted to give a quick update for those who responded to my last post.

well my period is pretty much over...i'm still wearing it now because i've got a little brown flushing out.

but i had a real breakthrough. Thursday the cup went in and i didn't feel it. it always takes me a few tries to get it in right, but i felt around and it was all open (i think the leakage i had occured because i felt it in an oval shape...i thought it was ok, but when it's in completely right it's open all the way).

anyway, so everyone should keep giving it a few tries. as a lifetime tampon wearer, i cannot feel the divacup. now i don't even feel it when i do a kegel, urinate or defecate. so YAY!! i love it!

thanks for everything guys. I think i'll stick around here.