August 25th, 2004

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Hi there.
I have been dealing with a horrible period for years now and I recently heard about menstrual cups.
I just have a few questions about them and I hope someone can answer.

First, I have a really heavy flow. How do the cups work with a heavy flow? Does it leak because I always have that problem with tampons. And I absolutely hate wearing pads.

Second, should I try one of the cups that you can buy in a drug store first, the ones that are disposable? How do those compare to the reusable ones? Are they good just to try, to see how it works?

Thanks in advance.
Hopefully this will be an answer.
Thanks again.
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The Keeper, Mooncup or Diva Cup. I don't know which one to get. I've kinda had problems using the Instead so I don't know which one would work better for me. Any ideas? My problems with Instead seems to be that I can't get it in all the way maybe and part was sticking out and it hurt. I haven't had sex for a long time. Is there one that is better for those that aren't sexually active? I've wanted to get a product like this and try it out I just don't want to wind up getting something that I can't really use, so I'd like to get the one that would be clostest to someting that would work. THanks in advance for your replies. Also, I looked before and didn't see where this ? was asked so if it was, I apologize. Thanks gals!

Like hotcakes!

I went to purchase my long saught DivaCup from
Coopérative la maison verte (Green House Co-op)
in Montreal lastnight and they were sold-out!

They had model 2 (over 30 and after childbirth) but none of the model 1. I contemplated getting the larger one because it's not that big of a difference, but thought that if it's reccomended I should follow the rules.

The girl said they've been flying off the shelf lately - I guess word-of-mouth is really spreading the concept around. They did have The Keeper in stock, but I'm really after the DivaCup. They'll call when the order comes in, hopefully this week as my period's already teasing me (I get brown and pink tints to the wipe, but not enough to do anything about, then after about 4-5 days of that I get cramps and the big flow for 2 days, then back to the brown tint) and I don't want to wait until next month!! Who was ever so eager to try a new menstrual blood collecting device? I need to know what all the hype is about!

Hey Mom's

You know that little bit of leakage you get when you change your cup? Have you thought of washing it out with the peri bottles we get after childbirth? I still have mine and I'm going to try using it like that. Should wash it right out. What do you think?
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