August 24th, 2004

Leaking and a question

I'm using the divacup and it has worked like a charm but this period I have real problems with it. It leaks. I insert it like usual and I feels like its inserted right but it still leaks. I'm slightley constipated, could that dislocate the cup? The first days of my period is usuly like this, I need to make bowel movements a couple of times a day but it never caused this kind of leaks before.
I took it out a couple of minutes ago and has not inserted it cause I'm dry like....something really dry. What should I do to moist things up? I know why I'm dry, it beacause I have wiped so much blood when I go to the bathroom to check.
I want my cup to work again. i miss it in my 'gina and I miss being able to not wear ickley pads like I'm doing now. Its funny how depentet you get of things that workes well for you.
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Diva Cup

I have a diva cup and used it for the first time last month.  But I noticed something weird.  There were about 4-5 little tiny holes on the sides that would collet blood.  I squeezed it out with a nail, buts its still pretty nasty to have old blood in there.  What the hell?

Anyone elses cup have this?  Should I exchange it for a new one without the holes?

Sex with Instead?

Has anyone had experience with having sex while wearing an Instead? I'm starting my period any minute now, and my boyfriend's coming home tonight after being away for several weeks, so I put in an Instead because I've heard you can have sex with them in (never tried, though). But when I...feel around up there, it seems like he'll be able to feel the hard plastic edge and it will hurt like heck, or he won't even be able to get in.

Any experiences? Good/bad? Does that fact that he'll be able to feel it mean it's not in far enough? It's not hurting me, which I took to mean that it was in all the way, but maybe it's not...

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first time user - thoughts and problems

well today was my second day using the diva cup. i actually wore it the day before my period also but not sure that counts as "using" it.

my experience has been somewhat less than exciting. i'm posting here to rant and maybe get tips, advice or support because i would like this to work. it's a fun little gadget.

i have been using tampons since my second period. hell, the last time i ever used a pad was way back in high school. i'm 25 now. i've never had any problems with tampons...or at least problems that most cups supporters describe. i never feel the tampon, often i forget i'm on my period (i say that specifically because i read it on a cup site and i find it so far from the truth when wearing a cup). usually, one day a month i do experience leakage. if i am diligent and change my tampon more often on those days, it won't happen. but it usually comes when i'm very busy and can't get to the bathroom. then i find the surprise.

anyway, i found that my cup normally slides right into place when i put it in. unfortunately, that place is somewhere where i feel it. almost constantly. it's not the stem either, i feel the base. i find this very annoying. i think about my period constantly because i feel the cup all the time. i do kegels and i just can't get it right. HOWEVER, every once in a while i do get to a place where i can't feel it. like right now. but usually, eventually, it falls into that place that is slightly uncomfortable. either way, the thing works.

- no leakage - today i think i almost had leakage but i went pee and saw some blood, so i changed it. i have never had anything make a spot on my panties.

- convenience - mainly with wearing it for a long time without leakage. that suction thing really works.

- reusable - obviously

- reduced cramps - i've heard of this, but i don't really understand it. cramps were minimal this time around and lasted about 10-15 minutes tops. usually i'm in pain for one full day.

- come on, it's pretty cool.

- i can FEEL it - i'm sorry, but i just can't stand it.

- somewhat messy - i don't mind changing it in a public bathroom, but i'd rather have the sink nearby and the tub to get a leg on. by the way, i emptied it today and i washed it in the sink of our bathroom at work. come on, the thing is little, just pretend you are washing your hands and no one will notice.

do any other tampon wearers feel it the same way i do? i ask specifically of tampon people because my theory is that people who switched from pads don't understand what i'm talking about.

thoughts? suggestions?

edit: so much for the not feeling it tonight. just noticed i was leaking...must not have put it in right. grrrr....

I've got a few questions

This is my first cycle using the Diva cup. I'm wondering, the directions say it will pop open after being inserted. Well, mine only pops open a little bit. It's still all squished in there, kind of like it only opened halfway. Is that normal? It's almost impossible to twist too.

And also when I try to remove it, I can't seem to break the suction without having to pull it most of the way out first, which is uncomfortable for obvious reasons. I've tried inserting a finger to get to the rim but maybe I'm just too spongy in there as it is. Help?