August 22nd, 2004

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Finally, it arrived!

I finally recieved my Divacup, half-way through my period as it turns out.

The stem makes it a little uncomfortable to sit down, but I'm afraid to cut it...  I'm thinking, what if I just am supposed to push it up a bit higher? How do I know?  What if I cut off too much of it, or it gets a sharp edge or something?

I haven't had any leaks, it isn't painful, the insertion and extraction have been a little awkward but nothing I won't perfect in time.  Other than the stem, it's great.  :o)

Thanks for you help!
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The Vagina Protest

Before I discovered the Keepre and Cloth pads, I was a tampon worshipper.

Today, I was out shopping and didn't have my keeper with me, so when I started flowing, I had to use a tampon from a bathroom vending machine.


My body totally hated me for the rest of the afternoon.

I'll never do that again.