August 19th, 2004


Weighing my Options

Silly question... maybe:

I agree that menstrual cups are a great idea, but does anyone know how long it takes a silicone cup like DivaCup and MoonCup to biodegrade? Or even the rubber Keeper?

Because, although disposeable products might be a strain on the environment being all chucked out within the same few decades (a relatively new innovation), doesn't cotton and paper breakdown a lot more quickly than silicone? I imagine it would take thousands of years for the plastic to disintegrate.

Is this even a valid point of concern since one cup user will probably only dispose of 3 or 4 in her lifetime, given the 10 year lifespan?

What's better? A few items that will never breakdown or thousands that will?

Another question:

How much profit are they making off these things?? I don't think it should be about $40 (Canadian, I am) for one little dinky contraption, even if women are willing to pay it because it will last so long and save them tons of money compared to the alternative. I understand the economics of it, they won't sell as many units as the disposable places, but I'm curious to know how much it costs to manufacture one cup and it's packaging.