August 13th, 2004

  • sogn

emergency supplies

Our office is working out a new emergency plan (supplies, water, etc. in case we are stuck in the building for an extended length of time). Not a bad idea, considering we're less than a mile from the US Capitol.

Anyway, we were given a list of personal items that they suggest we keep at our desks in case of emergency: extra prescription medicine, emergency phone numbers, change of clothes, "extra feminine supplies."

I saw that and thought -- oh, I don't have to worry about extra feminine supplies, because I have a keeper!

But then it occurred to me... what if there's an emergency and the water gets shut off to the building? We have bottled drinking water to last a few days, but I don't think that I could just walk off with a gallon of water and head to the bathroom.

So I decided to keep some bottled water in my desk, to use for keeper cleaning in case of emergency.

Although I suppose if it was a true emergency, I could live with emptying and not cleaning the keeper for a few days.

I know my luck -- if there's ever such an emergency, it will definitely happen during my period.