July 30th, 2004

Red dress

The crusade begins.

The pamphlets and stickers arrived from Mooncup a few days ago and today I approached the student guild to find out the best way to publicise menstrual cups.

I asked if I could put stickers in the toilets and the girl there said she couldn't approve or disapprove it but "I know what I'd do."  There are plenty of other stickers in the toilets, so the Mooncup ones will be joining them.

I'll e-mail Divacup and The Keeper and see if they can send me some stickers and/or pamphlets.  If they can't send stuff I'll just write the URLs on the Mooncup leaflets and stickers.

I can leave some of the pamphlets at the guild shop/office and I have the contact details for the women's collective, so pamphlets will be showing up in the women's room too (but I'm not sure how much that room gets used).

And the best thing.  The next edition of Metior (the campus newspaper) happens to be the women's edition.  What a perfect opportunity to sing the praises of alternative menstrual products and get the word out!  I'll include the URLs for menstrual_cups, menstrual_lib and vaginapagina as well as the sites for all the products.

So.  I know of the three cups, Lunapads, sponges.  Any other products?
Anything you reckon I should write about?  Throw ideas at me! :)


I was putting in my Keeper tonight and it unfolded before it was in position.
I'm FREAKING OUT that I pushed a whack of air into my vagina and that I'm not going to wake up in the morning because of an embolism.
(A friend of mine died of one not that long ago, and it hit me really hard!)
What are the chances of getting an embolism from air in the Keeper??


So I've been browsing the Instead website lately. I'm basically thinking of buying those before I make the big investment of a Keeper or a Divacup (I still need to compare cups to make up my mind on which to get, if the Insteads work out). I haven't gotten a box yet, mostly because I'm concerned about fitting, and if I can actually get the cup where it needs to be. So far the only time I can reach that far up is when I'm lying on my back, and that's just with my finger.

Would it be easier to try it with a cup, to get a better feel? And any suggestions on being able to reach that far up while sitting upright?