July 27th, 2004

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Finally after having my diva cup for I think almost a year. I had my first successful period with it! It was never comfort issues or getting it in correctly it was LEAKAGE.

I always had leakage problems with it, but I was trying it on and off between pads and such. You really have to use it the whole time you are having your period for it to work correctly. I don't think the cup was leaking, but when I had it out and had a pad in...blood would come down farther on the vaginal walls....then when I put the cup in...some blood was below the diva cup and that part would end up in my underwear. Fun fun.

So the success I had was with putting it in when I was really light or barely started. I used it the whole time except for now when I have a pad in because I think I'm finished with my period, but I'm not sure.

So very excited about this. It was almost like I wasn't having my period at all! I empty my cup in the shower in the mornings. And I empty it when I get home from work. It's a so much more low maintence way to have your period! Woohoo!

Yay for being a DIVA!

Update on Last Post

I'm on my first cycle with the Divacup this week, and I finally did figure out how to get it in standing up and out. It is getting easier. After I take it out though, I feel some pain, but it goes away eventually. Can't even feel it when it's in!

Now that I've got this figured out, I realized how messy I am at it. I'm glad the sink is right there in my bathroom, so that I can wash it out immediately. I also find that I have to clean myself up a lot. Next month I am heading off to college and won't be able to do this. What are your tips on not being messy?