July 26th, 2004

Keeper Newbie Questions

I just ordered my first keeper and I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival. But I don't expect my next period until August 11 or so. To those of you who have been doing this for a while, would it be okay if I practiced inserting, wearing and removing the keeper before my period? Or would that just be painful? I know that inserting and removing a tampon when there's no blood flow is uncomfortable, so I didn't know if there would be similar pain with the keeper. I'd really like to try it, though, so maybe I'd have the technique mastered before there was blood involved. What do you recommend?

Second question: I've never actually seen or touched a Keeper in real life, but I've heard some people say that the rubber has a strong smell, like a tire. Is this true? If it is, my related question is, has your partner noticed a change in smell or taste in that area just after you've removed your keeper? I know I don't like the taste of a condom, so if it has an effect like that...
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I gave birth to my first baby vaginally 2 weeks ago, and would like to use my mooncup again when my periods start back. Will I definitely need the post childbirth model? From the info on the website it sounds like there's only a 3mm difference in size, is this really significant? Or maybe there's some other difference such as the shape?

Asking for advice

I have a question. My period for the last three months have been five days, with the last day only being brownish discharge. Three months ago is when I started using the divacup. Before that my period lasted six-seven days. Before the cup I also thought I was "safe" about day seven but then I bubble out some more blood (this sounds disgusting...it sort of was though). Todays is the fifth day of my period and I was only brownsih like the last months but, and here comes the but, tomorrow I'm going to be away from home all day. I don't feel like I want to risk staind pants, so I'm asking you what you would do. Would you:
a. Use the divacup even though you're officially off you period, but just in case. (this would mean wearing it for at least fourteen hours cause I don't feel comfartable chanching it in some ferry bathroom)
b. Wear a pantyliner and pray to the godess that you wont bleed
c. Wear a pad (icky disgusting disposable pads)
Sorry for the confusing post, I just need advice.

Edit: It would be more like sixteen hours I've learned now. Is sixteen hours bad when you're probably wont bleed?
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Any publicity is good publicity right? (delete if not appropriate)

Remember how I said there was a guy in an IRC channel I frequent that was making fun of the DivaCup?  And I figured hey, as long as you're talking about people KNOW about it and can find out for themselves what it's all about.

This conversation just occured in the channel.  I think Swash is female.  Lebowski is the guy I referred to previously.  There are females in the channel who seem interesting in getting a cup, which is great.

I just couldn't stop laughing at "cuntbucket".

[22:14] Swash> divacup
[22:14] Gemfyre> mooncup
[22:14] clownfishy> buttercup
[22:14] Swash> im gonna bring out my own model
[22:14] Lebowski> i didnt like murdoch]
[22:14] Swash> named the cuntdrippingbucket
[22:14] Lebowski> slutcup
[22:14] Lebowski> cuntbucket
[22:15] Lebowski> is almost as good as cellardoor
[22:15] jason_bateman> lolo
[22:15] Gemfyre> I like cuntdrippingbucket
[22:15] Gemfyre> that's funky
[22:15] Lebowski> my fish was called james fuckbucket jones
[22:15] Swash> its more realistic
[22:15] Swash> and descriptive
[22:15] lithium_angel> ?!
[22:15] Gemfyre> yeah, DivaCup is kinda pretentious
[22:15] Gemfyre> and god knows what they were aiming for with "Keeper"
[22:15] ** ED_futura has left #perth_21+
[22:15] Shit_Hot> i know a guy named james jones
[22:16] Swash> yer.. who wants to keep their uterial lining
[22:16] Lebowski> i would call it.. bloodyeggcup
[22:16] Gemfyre> I've heard it called a bloodcup
[22:16] Gemfyre> but I like cuntbucket
[22:16] ** ChrisDAdelaide has joined #perth_21+
[22:16] Gemfyre> it has a ring