July 25th, 2004

fantastic invention

I'm on my first cycle of Seasonale, which means that while I'm not planning to have my period until September, I've been spotting for about a week (mid 5th-week on the cycle).

The Keeper and all other resuable menstrual cups are clearly the world's best invention. Here's why: I swim. I am an art nude. With a bunch of spotty discharge, I can't do either of those, because it's not enough for a tampon and panty liners are useless in those situations. With a keeper, I can do both. And healthily, too.

Ladies, I've gotten to the point where I've become the Resident Reusable Menstrual Cup Advertiser of my girlfriends. And I have y'all to thank for it.

Divacup Newbie

Hello everyone. I've been watching this list and for a couple of weeks now. I'm so glad I found this! My Divacup just arrived in the mail yesterday. I should have started my period today, but it must be a couple days late. So I thought I would start practicing. By the way, I am eighteen years old and as far as I know, my hymen is intact. I'm used to using tampons, applicator and applicator-less.

I've been trying to insert my cup (after boiling of course) at various times this afternoon/night, and am having the hardest time. It just does NOT want to go in there. I've tried different folding methods, and squatting, I don't feel tense about it. I can get a little part in, but the bulk of it just doesn't want to go. I feel like if I do get it in, it's going to pop open and make me want to die from the pain. It has plenty of fluid to work with, so that isn't the problem.

So does this get easier? Should I just keep trying? Any tips?