July 24th, 2004

don't be messin' [aeryn sun]

DivaCup first time

Hello! Another happy first-time Divacup user.

I know they say you should test it out when you're at home, or not doing anything important, but I was too excited to wait. So I just wore dark underwear, popped it in and hoped for the best. (And I wasn't disappointed. ;-)) From reading the memories it seems like the Keeper is more likely to leak because it doesn't always form as good a seal as the Divacup... would that be correct?

Also. The stem. Always the stem! I'd just like to point out that the little ridges are not at ALL useful for grabbing onto. It's still a slippery little sucker. I feel slightly ridiculous using two hands, carefully pulling, pulling, hoping I'm not going to hurt myself/make the bathroom a crimescene... but I'm sure it gets better with practice. :-)

So has anyone here cut off all of their Divacup stem? I'm down to my last little bit, quarter-inch I think it is, and the pamphlet says not to cut it any shorter. But I don't think it's doing me any favours anyway. I don't see how it's helping.

I don't know... maybe it's just because I was thinking about it all day, which is why I was aware of it. Any thoughts?