July 22nd, 2004



I'm on my second cycle with the DivaCup, and I adore it so much. I do have a question, though. Before I got my cup, I used pads and tampons. Since I don't use them anymore, I sorta have a stockpile of them in my bathroom cabinet, and I'm wondering how I should get rid of them. My sister won't use the tampons, and I have a ton of them. None of my friends want them. I can't just throw them away! I was thinking of maybe donating them to a women's shelter or something, but I don't know if they would accept them, especially since the boxes are opened (the tampons are still wrapped, of course!). Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


Are you ever afraid that you'll forget that you have the cup in and if so, do you have a special thing to keep you reminded? I'm thinking about making a "period-bracelet" that way I have something fun and pretty to wear and at the same time, remind me to change my cup every twelve hours.