July 19th, 2004

green woman

Is cramping after removal unusual?

OK.. I'm new to the group, and I looked, and couldn't find anything addressing this, so if it has been addressed before, I'm grovelling apologetically up front.

Anyway, recently I ordered a Diva Cup. Many years ago, I used a diaphragm as both birth control and menstrual cup (I didn't realize there were other options.. and it worked so well!). And then I got an IUD put in, and had to stop using a diaphragm as a menstrual cup, and the things you could buy in the grocery store were basically the same thing, so it was back to tampons I went. As much as I hated tampons, the thought of being pregnant was even worse. And then I found mention of menstrual cups in vaginapagina and immediately ordered a Diva Cup, since it was what I'd been searching for these past 8 years.

I received it, and in an outburst of excitement and anticipation, put it in according to the enclosed instructions. After putting it, it seemed to be sitting OK. It's not THAT much different from a diaphragm. I stood up, sat down. A little discomfort, but I think next time I'll try the "Keeper Dance". It was kinda difficult making the cup turn inside me.

However, when I tried to remove it, it was difficult, and for an hour or two after, I experienced some deep cramping, similar to the cramping I deal with after a Pap smear. Is this the fabled "suction effect"? Is this something I can look forward to every time I use my Cup?

Help! (and thanks.)

Got my period and need a reminder

Got my period and need to be reminded again
Well after last cycles disaster with 3 sessions of major leaking....like as if you didn't have any kind of protection on your heaviest days, it's period time again. I am a bit uptight about it. My first 2 cycles went off without a hitch. Loved the DivaCup and was thinking about all the money I would have and how much more I enjoyed the Cup instead of tampons. Then bang....my disasters last cycle. I am trying some different things. I wondered if the non-full opening had anything to do with maybe tilting it too far back when inserting, so am doing it more at a 11 o'clock position instead of more a 10 o'clock position. First insertion it took miniumn of time to open and the other 2 times it opened straight away. I am doing the usual routine, rotate a few times then pull down a little. If I keep pulling it would just end up out.....I have NEVER HAD the issue some speak about where a tug and ouch what great hold!!! I have added a new extra. I read someone talking about, ages ago, do their little jig, kregal squeeze, jump around and it settles into place and they have no dramas. So I've been doing some jiggling, jumping up and down on the spot and a couple of kregals. Could whoever posted about doing their little dance around thing refresh my memory about what they were do. I rotate my hips a bit too. So far, no leaks....I just need to be reminded. Thanks cockles

Wearing it whilst not really on your period

Hi, I'm new here. My name is Judith and I'm from Sweden. I've been using the divacup (silly name...) since may I think. I've been watching this community for quite some time and I now have a question. Well, two in one actually.
My first one is:
My period might be late, I should have gotten it today but its now night here and my rag is a no-show, and I sortof have that feeling you know, when I just know it wont show up for some days. Anyway, on thursday I'm going on a days long trip and I don't want to go around worrying about getting my period in another country and stuff like that so I was thinking: can I put it in even if I don't know if its gonna come at all that day and how long can I wear it? I mean, your soppous to empty it every twelve hours put I don't fill a cup in twelve hours. Can I leave it in longer? On thursday it would be something like 14-16 hours and also, maybee "dry".
Sorry for the long post I dident know how I would write it without being all...long whinding...