July 14th, 2004

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peekaboo period?

Just to establish where I'm coming from here ... I'm a breastfeeding mom a year post partum. I have PCOS, my symptoms are late ovulation and few cycles, period wise.

So I had a period, finally, at the end of march, and then started a long cycle of dribbling soon after I pump-weaned. I'm almost up to day 30 as far as dribbling goes, though a week ago, I had some heavy flow I could finally consider the 'start' of a cycle (complete with cystic acne to mark me as 'unclean' to outsiders ;))

So as I tapered back to a "light" day, I put in the Diva Cup. Not much. Wore it yesterday, the second day. Not much. (I leave it out at night) So this morning, I've left it out ... and I've got flow again. LIght, maybe liner-worthy almost just 'spotting' but WTF?

This happens with tampons, too. I use them and use them and then nothing, so I leave them off and I get more flow or heavy spotting.

Am I doomed to wear the Diva all the time? Or does this mean the Diva just isn't for me?

A Slightly Graphic Description

Something strange just happened. My period ended last Friday and then Thursday night I started bleeding again. It's been pretty steady since then: light but thick and slimy. Then tonight I went to empty my cup and there was something largish (about the size of an almond) inside of it. Curious, I picked it up. It was hard and fleshy. I couldn't squish it. Does anybody know what this could be? Any idea what's going on with me?
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