July 13th, 2004

Red dress

Spreading the word in Australia

I've only found one place in Australia where you can get a cup and only the Keeper is available.  That's a website, and the cost for the cup is $60, which is a decent amount of capital.  Sure it pays for itself but I still think the initial price is a bit of a put off.

In Australia menstrual cups aren't very well known as far as I can see.  You certainly can't buy them from any stores.

Is there anyway I can get informative stickers or something to plaster around my university?  I think that would be a good start in letting women know that these awesome products exist.  And if more people buy, the price will probably come down.
Red dress

Any other Aussies??

Are there any other Australians here?

I know not all Aussies who use one of the cups will be in this group but it's a good place to start to get an idea of numbers.
I think reusable menstrual cups are way too little known in Australia and anyone who lives here who can help spread the word is great!! :)

I'll also ask in vaginapagina.