July 9th, 2004


Diva Cup Pin

So I few posts back someone mentioned the pin that comes with your Diva cup. Seeing as I ordered a Diva cup just a few days before hand I was even more stoked to get it. My cup arrived today and it's a grand thing, inserting it took a bit but now I have the hang of it, plus the help of gemfyre's Keeper Dance everything went nicely.

My only disappointment was with the pin. As stupid as it may sound. I was thinking that the pin would say Diva Cup so intern I could wear it and have ppl ask my why my pin said Diva Cup or what a Diva Cup is, and I could happily inform them about the wonderful product. Well I look at the pin and it just has their little trademark flower and the word Diva.

Now anyone that sees the pin and doesn't have a Diva Cup would have no clue that it has anything to do with anything. You would be just another one of those girls to them that wear shirts and stickers and such that say things like "cutie" and "sweetheart". Not only do I find those things tacky but it also blew my great plans of spreading the word.

Granted some girls may not be to keen of wearing a pin with the products full name on it. But then again it seems that the women that use Diva Cups and the like seem to be really excited about the product and want to tell other woman. We don't seem to be the women who are ashamed of our bodily functions and the products we use.
Red dress

Keeper Dance!!

I've already mentioned this in a few replies but I need to post about it.

After I put in my DivaCup I do what I have dubbed "The Keeper Dance".  This involves gyrating the hips, jumping around a bit and doing a few kegals.  This feels silly and sticks a grin on my face and at the same time seems to get my cup properly sealed and settled into place.

And now a question.
What are those teeny holes around the rim for?  I know it's essential to keep them clean so what role do they play?