July 8th, 2004

Red dress

24 hours?

I know the instructions say to change and clean the Diva Cup every 12 hours, but I think I have read about some people keeping it in for 24 hours at a time.

I think I have a light enough flow to leave it that long and it's much more convenient if I can do the empty/clean thing in the shower, which is once a day.

Is this safe?
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tea tree oil

Where do you buy tea tree oil? Does it come pure and is there a risk of it going rancid? Does it come in some sort of suspension/solution/emulsion/etc? I haven't seen any at my local drug store, just as an ingredient in skin care products. Do I need to go to an alternative type health store?
mermaid with WINGS!
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i'm so proud of myself!

i just started using the keeper last night. i bought it about a year ago, but i couldn't get it in because i'm a pansy. when i started last night, i figured why shouldn't i try things again, so i did. and it worked! though i must admit, i look rather silly wiggling around the bathroom once it's in so that it'll get situated. but who cares? it seems to take a little time to go from sitting right at the base of my vagina to wherever it likes to sit. when i put it in, the stem is mostly out, but after a few hours the stem is all the way inside and poking me a bit. i think that means i need to trim it, but right now i'm using the stem to haul it on out. i'll get the hang of it eventually. but all in all, i'm very proud of myself. in a year i go off to college, so if i use my keeper all the time that's one thing i won't have to buy myself. yay!