July 1st, 2004

the everyday turned solitary


Well, my DivaCup seems to be working with me this cycle, which is very exciting, as the last two it just refused to cooperate at all, in that way that my vagina just said "No" loudly and stood with it. Had my first public bathroom experience last night, here at work. Interesting.. I prefer to have a sink to wash the cup out in when emptying, but it was doable. This morning it was a little uncomfortable so I snuck back into the bathroom and made sure no one else was in there and took it out and went and washed it out in the sink. I just feel better with it clean, I guess. Probably all psychological :)
Last night I also had my first leakage experience. Yuck. And of course, I was wearing light-coloured underwear. It'd been uncomfortable on my way home from work, feeling like it *should* leak or something (I think it was too low down) and when I got home, I took it out and reinserted.. well, apparently I did a bad job, because then it leaked. Yuck. Cold water with hydrogen peroxide and soap takes blood stains out of panties pretty well. "Came out" to my roommate as a menstrual cup user, last night, too ;) Apparently, she's tried the keeper and it always leaked, but likes Instead.