June 27th, 2004

cartoon me

Cups and piercings

I've already asked the nice people at BMEzine, but has anybody here got inner labia piercings? I've been thinking about getting some, but then I worry that they'll get in the way/take a battering when I'm inserting and removing my Mooncup. Does anybody have any experience with/advice about this?


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I just cut off the stem on my divacup entirely. I know that a recent poll showed that most of the members here have cut off their own stems as well.

When I first considered cutting off the stem I was a little hesitant because I thought it would be harder to get the cup out. In all actuality though, I have found that it is way more easy to get my cup out now that the stem has been removed. Just thought I would share that with the members here who are still hesitant about removing the stem. ;o)

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My ferrets managed to open the latched bathroom cupboard, open the drawers of the closed plastic medicine shelves inside the cupboard, and eat part of my Diva Cup.

God help the people if I have to explain that to the vet.