June 24th, 2004


Diva Cup Troubleshooting

This is my second day using the Diva Cup. Perhaps, too premature to really begin to doubt its greatness. My main concern is that I can't get it to not leak. When I tried it yesterday, it didn't leak until late in the day and only a little. Today, however, it's been leaking the entire time I've worn it. I've reinserted it twice, hoping to get it right but no luck.

I know that it is unfolding inside me because I feel it unfold when I insert it. However, when I reach inside with a finger to feel what's happening, I feel the sides being squished in. They're not folded in but the shape of the lip is more elongated than it is circular. Is this normal? Could it be the source of my leak? Additionally, the cup "travels" inside me sometimes.

Removal also doesn't hurt so I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Menstrual cup mavens: I need your advice!

Edit (3:23 PM PST): I just went to the bathroom and I'm not leaking. I poked around with my finger and the cup is no longer squished. It felt as thought it was pointed more to one side, too. However, it seems to be working. (Knock on wood.) I could still use advice, though, as I have no idea how this happened.