June 23rd, 2004

Mt. McKinley at Sunrise

New Diva Cup User

Hey, all. I'm new to the Diva Cup. I received it a few weeks ago, decided to wait until I actually got my period to test it out and today's the day. Admittedly, I'm in completely foreign waters here, as I've never even used a tampon before. (I have, however, been using reusable pads since I was a freshman in high school.) My interest in internal menstrual solutions, the Diva Cup in particular, is because I'll be backpacking in Alaska / Pacific Northwest for ~ 2 months this summer. I've read the backpacking posts in the memories and, in general, there seem to be so many good experiences with the Diva Cup, et al.

I inserted it for the first time this morning and I'm hesitant to say I got it right. I haven't checked for leakage yet but I couldn't turn the damn thing. I read other posts and apparently, twisting it isn't so much important as making sure the cup is open. However, when I felt the sides of the cup, I noticed that they were squished down some. The lip of the cup is no longer folded, though. The small diagram on the instructions makes it look as though the cup should be entirely open and as unsquished as it is when it's not in a vagina. My confusion: what, exactly, is meant by "open"?

Also, I noticed a suggestion to use small alcohol prep pads while backpacking to keep the cup clean. Is this still recommended?

Apologies if some of this has already been asked recently.