June 15th, 2004

  • sekai

Funny smell?

I was using my relatively new divacup when I became ill last week, and I forgot to wash it for a full 24 hours. Afterwards, when I did remove it, I noticed an unpleasant smell- it doesn't smell like anything I've smelled before. I'd go so far as to say that it doesn't even smell natural... I'm pretty familiar with all my smells, even period smells, and the way they change. It smells... well, it smells like spoiling period blood. Not quite rotten, but bad in some other sense. I washed the divacup, and just wore pads the rest of the time. Then I boiled it. It's getting less noticeable, but the smell is still pretty strong on the inside. I wouldn't normally care, but this smell really sets me off... it makes my hackles rise and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. My instincts scream at me that it's not quite right. I'm hoping that rubbing alcohol might remove the odor, because that's the only other cleaning method the directions say to use...

Has this happened to anyone else, and were you able to make the smell disappear?

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Hello! I just used the keeper for the first time today, and I got it in fine. It felt okay for a while, but after I emptied it and put it back in again, it put a lot of pressure on my bladder while it was in there. I had to pee a lot more often with it in, and it was really uncomfortable and painful. I tried removing it and putting it back in again, but still the same feeling. Now I'm back on a pad for the night.

Any advice? Sorry if people have posted about this before, I just joined...