June 14th, 2004


Major leakage issues

I've used my Diva cup for going onto the 3rd cycle. The first 2 cycles were a breeze. No leakage to really mention or worry about. At the end of last cycle I had trouble with my cup opening and I would have to sometimes take it out 2 maybe 3 times. This cycle on my first heavy day everything was fine, but on the 2nd heavy day I gave up with my cup after having major leaking overnight (thank goodness I was using a clothe pad). And again twice later in the day there were hugh messes and blood everywhere. I made sure my cup was open after inserting it and it was of that I have no doubt. Then I inserted it for a couple of more times (one being overnight) and everything seemed fine. Then today it happened again twice. Blood and mess everywhere. I gave up again and resorted back to tampons. I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that both times the cup was open after I put it in. After 2 cycles with just about zero leakage I am having a rotten time of it this cycle. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks for any help you can give.