June 12th, 2004

Red dress

Keeping it clean.

It says to clean my Divacup at least once a day with hot soapy water.
Now, I don't own any soap. It's hell on my skin. All I have are scented shower gels which I don't really want getting in my vagina.
So far I've been removing it when I have a shower and giving it a good rinse then. You reckon this will be okay? I certainly intend to give it a quick boil between periods to keep it as germ free as possible.

And I just put together this table (because I have a lab report to do and procrastination is SO much more attractive!) Hopefully it shows up okay.

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Red dress

I promise to stop spamming the group (soon!)

It's the second last day of my period but I couldn't stand it any longer. The cup is out and I have a pad on for now. I definetely need to cut the stem, it's been poking me all day and now my cooch itches. It also hurts to remove it - does that pain ever go away?? Pulling something that size out of the opening is just not pleasant. I had to let it all recover down there.

Another question - do you notice the silicone has a distinct smell of it's own? I didn't get a Keeper because I hate the smell of latex, but I've noticed a lingering smell on my fingers from the Divacup as well. I think it's the combo of blood, vaginal secretions and silicone - it doesn't seem to wash right off, it always lingers a while.