June 11th, 2004

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Any tips?

Well as you know, I've had a ragingly successful time with my new Divacup. No problems getting it in, and I've gotten the knack of removing it too even tho it hurts a smidgin. I put the curved edge at the bottom of the canal and go from there - then I can't miss. My vaginal muscles must be really strong or something because once I get a certain amount in it just swallows up the rest (a few kegal contractions and it settles itself into the right spot where I can't feel it). To get it out I find I have to bear down a lot and grab it and NOT let go (or else it gets sucked right back in). Then it's just a matter of *breathe* *push* until it's out. The stem pokes me a tiny bit. I don't think it concerns me enough to cut it however, I fear if I chop it I'll never be able to get a grip on the thing to remove it!

This thing is also going to save toilet paper because I don't have to use loads cleaning up all the blood because it's nicely contained. I did find it took quite a bit of flushing to get rid of all the blood though, it kinda stuck to the toilet bowl.

How on EARTH do I turn it? I cannot get a good enough grip on it to make it turn, I just sorta push it up and pull it down a few times to try and make a seal, seems to be pretty successful so far but after only 3 uses I can't say for sure.

The other problem is my nails, they're long and I don't want to cut them. Anyone have any tips on maneuvering down there when you have long nails? I often find myself pinching down there.

I read so many horror stories. I'm grateful I've been one of the success stories. But I must say I did study up and read all about it for ages before actually getting one and I know where everything is down there.

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This is my second cycle using my diva cup, and I love it! Except...removal. It's not that it gets messy, as a matter of fact, tampons were messier for me. What the problem is, is pain.

I can get it in alright, I can even grab the base and twist it. when I try to take it out, I push with my muscles, grab the stem, then the base, and pull. Sometimes, my nail scratches the opening of my vagina, and the width of the cup itself can be excrutiating. To get a good grip, my hand rests on my urethral opening, which hurts like the dickens to have so much pressure. Does any one have any advice as to how to eliminate this problem?

Sorry if it was too graphic. :S