June 10th, 2004

Red dress

New Divacupper

Who was it that sent me this for free?? I kept the e-mail about it but my inbox decided to eat all my e-mails again. }:-\

Whoever you are, you rock! Thank you very much.

So, it arrived today and whaddyaknow, I'm on my period this week. So I gave it a whirl.

I got it in fine (then again, I'm not averse to sticking objects up there). I was a little concerned for a second where I thought I lost it but a bit of bearing down and slipped to wear I could feel the stem. I felt it pop open once it was in me but I couldn't for the life of me grip it enough to turn it around, I'm kinda hoping for the best there, I'll see if it leaks or not.

And, I can't feel it any more or less than I could a tampon!


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Hello ladies :) I'm new to this community. I received my Keeper in the post just last week and my period came today, so I thought I'd try it out. Well, I haven't succeeded in getting it in yet, but I'll persevere and I'm sure I'll get there. It was nearly there, but it opened too quickly which wasn't painful, but was rather frustrating because it was so near, *sighs* I might try the dental floss tip I found in the memories.

Anyway, my question is; and it's a bit of an odd one- is it "safe?" I don't mean safe to use a Keeper, because if I thought it wasn't I wouldn't have bought one ^-^ But I mean, when I fished my half-open Keeper out from its position just inside my vagina to try again, I "queefed" (http://www.menses.co.uk/board/messages/52/91.html?WednesdaySeptember1120020138am - no, i didn't know what it meant either until I saw that!) which doesn't seem to be a very good thing. I don't really want to die of embolism or whatever it is! What do you think is the likelihood of getting air in the uterus through using a Keeper, or through messing it up, like I did?

I'm probably just being a hypochondriac.

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