June 8th, 2004


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The diva cup is fabulous!

I've been using tampons exclusivly for the last 5 or so years. Since my miscarriage just under 2 years ago, my periods have gotten heavier and I've had cramping (never really had cramps before). I got the diva cup in town, and have to honestly say that when I unwrapped it I thought "woah!" ;) But it works great! Didn't need to trim the stem or anything either. I'm working at a resedential camp this summer, so the whole public toliets are a bit challenging. (I'm always at a public toliet - not going to go an entire cycle with no wash!) The one thing I did have trouble with is that "turn it one full turn" - doesn't happen! But haven't had any leaking at all. It did feel a bit weird the first hour - felt like every movement changed the suction, but within a few hours it was forgotten and I played volleyball, walked lots, sat lots, etc. ;)

The interesting thing was showing it to priya444 who was able to compare it a lot to the keeper. She thought it seemed a bit wider, but shorter, and that the material (silicon) was a bit softer.

Ok, that was my little commercial, much thanks to the community for steering me this way! ;)


This is my 3d cycle using the divacup, and i'm starting to have some leaking problems with it. one of the most attractive features of the divacup (for me) was that it could be left in for 12 hours, which meant i shouldn't have to change it at school. But yesterday and today, after only 6 hours, it's leaked onto my underwear, and not just a little spotting that sometimes occurs when you first put it in. i have to admit that changing the divacup in public bathrooms is better than changing tampons or pads (no plastic opener noises so its not obvious what you're doing, no garbage to dispose of, etc.), but i wish i could leave it in longer! last time i had my period i didn't have a problem with this. could i be inserting it wrong? what frustrates me is that i can't tell if i insert it right or wrong until hours later. should i get the bigger size? i'm only 17! does that matter? i just wish there was a way for me to be sure that i'm doing this right. i had such high hopes that i wouldn't have to worry about it in school, but today it seemed to be constantly on my mind because i didn't know if it would happen or not.

a weird thing is that this morning i expected it to have leaked since i left it in for about 9 hours, but there was nothing! why does this seem to only happen in school?

thank you so much for listening to my unorganized ramblings!