June 7th, 2004

Red dress

Holy crap

To buy a Keeper from within Australia (and only the Keeper is available - not the silicone cups) it's $65!

I mean, I know they pay for themselves but what can justify that cost for a bit of rubber??
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I'm having a wonderful morning. I went for a smear test, and the nurse said I appear to have a cervical polyp and should come back and get the doctor to look at it (booked for ten days' time due to my cycle and the doctor not being in much). She said the IUD may need to come out. I would probably be ok if that had to happen, I'm with a woman now anyway, but still, it's the only method of contraception that works for me. She wouldn't say much about the polyp, although she said not to worry. Does anyone know anything more about this? I didn't mention that I use a Mooncup, should I stop using it?