June 6th, 2004

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Using the keeper with the nuvaring

*cross posted a couple times... sorry ^.^;*

Hi all. I've been a user of my keeper for just a bout a year and have gotten pretty good with it... (more or less minimal leaks - mastering making a seal - gotten my emptying timing down to a science... all that good stuff)
However, I'm starting up hormonal birthcontrol for the first time this cycle and settled on the nuvaring. I'm hoping to start with tomorrow (Sunday evening) as my insert/extract time - however, my period was a few days late and I'll be more or less gushing with cup emptying every 4 hours or so around that time as opposed to settling into a clotty trickle.
Also, I tend to wear my keeper very high (hooking under the pubic bone high)

Do you think that the placement of the ring would cause any trouble with that? Could I put the ring in after the cup and just keep it against the vaginal wall - or would that just make for a hassle and potential toilet fishing with the frequent empties I expect.

Thanks for any tips you may have ahead of time.
- Kabi

Oh and I did check the memories... the one post that was there has the only response that could have been potentially helpful here has suspended user delete-smell all over it XD
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