June 4th, 2004


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I just received my DivaCup in the mail about fifteen minutes ago, and I decided I'd join this lovely community. ;) I've always been a pad & tampons user (they are the DEVIL, however), and one of my good friends kept singing the praises of her Keeper, so I thought I'd go ahead and order a cup for myself. I'm not scheduled to get my period for another three weeks, but it would be awesome to be a pro at this thing by then, if there's any way. I work from 8-5:30, Monday through Friday, and I don't get many bathroom breaks, so I'm pretty nervous about how this is going to work out. My period also comes on a Monday, so I get to worry about leakage and all that stuff as well. Whee. So... advice? Tips? Should I try and insert it even though I'm not bleeding? Anything to help me out would be super-fantastic. I really hope this works out! And thanks, ladies! ♥
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