May 29th, 2004

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Could it just be that the keeper isn't meant for everyone? Or is it more so that I'm doing something wrong?

It takes a bit of effort to put in my keeper (after sweating, shaking, and feeling like my arm has been worked out a bit), after a few months of having it. I love using it when its in the right way but usually its not. After all of the effort of trying to put it in (after a few tries) it still isn't fit in properly so that it still is pinching me at the rim, or at the stem. I try to push it in futher, but its still the same. I try pushing it in laying down, in the shower standing up, and with my foot on the toilet. When its not in properly, I start to get really shaky and anxious (maybe triggering some of my anxiety?). I also have alot of difficulty taking it out when it is in properly. It feels as if it brings on some cramping as well. I'm more worried about the anxiety it causes more than anything though, because it brings me that terrible anxiety feeling and it just is horrible.