May 24th, 2004

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

sorry to gush, this is terribly exciting

wow, hi everyone!
I had no idea this community would be so big. I've been using my keeper for about four or five cycles now, and I love it. I sing its praises to everyone who will listen (and sometimes to those who cringe). it took me about a half cycle to learn how to insert and remove properly. holy suction, batman. heh, anyone else have a traumatic suction experience their first time or two?

the keeper really does feel like the only logical menstrual solution next to lunapads. I will never turn back. how do you explain to your curious friends who cringe at the plunger-like appearance? what do you do when they grill you on how much it must hurt? I explain that you feel it even less than a tampon. tampons always dried me out, eew.