May 20th, 2004


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A request, some of you may have been aware of my stance on menstrual topics, some of you may also be aware of trouble I have in forums providing information on menstrual issues, as many are not willing to accept information they may not have previously been exposed to.
Recently I have experienced trouble with BBC's forums and site itself, providing inaccurate or limited information and removing posts mentioning 'alternative' menstrual products from myself and other members, in fact going to the extent of threats if I was to continue to post such 'inappropriate' subject material.
Individual complaints seem to have fallen on deaf ears, and as small as the issue is I still feel it necessary to push the issue, that women should be given all the information available and know their choices. Being as the BBC is 'run in the interests of its viewers and listeners', and as it is financed by these aforementioned viewers and listeners it is only logical that a petition from these people – as well as other supporters – would get a little more attention. As BBC has a reputation to uphold, providing limited information and linking to a commercial site, which would face opposition from afore mentioned banned posts regarding 'alternative’ menstrual products, would not be something which the trustees would appreciate being pointed out.
So, here is my petition directed to the BBC, it may not do anything, and I may not get any signatures but I still feel the need to try, it's better than sitting doing nothing. It would be greatly appreciated if those of you reading this could show some support and sign the petition, even if you think it will do no good or that it is a small battle to fight.
BBC's 'body files' revision
My boyfriend seems to be reminded of Sisyphus – he has a point, but if it weren't for small battles we would be nowhere.

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