May 12th, 2004

(no subject)

Hi all, I am new and I am using my divacup for the first time, my cycle started today.

I have a question though. How low are you supposed to wear the divacup? I know in the manual it says "the divacaup should be worn low in the vagina since it is the vaginal muscles that hold it in place," but how low is considered "low?" Like should the stem be sticking out or no? I ask because I was wearing mine low (with the stem, which I cut half off, sticking out) and it was pretty uncomfortable. It's only when the cup is higher that it is completely comfortable and I cannot feel it at all. This did, however, make it a bit more tricky to get out.

My cycle just started and hasn't really kicked into full force yet, so I haven't had any leakage. But I'd rather avoid that later by changing the position of the cup now if I am currently wearing it wrong.

Ok, so to recap: how high/low do you wear your cup? Should the stem stick out? Is it ok (ok as in I won't have to deal with excessive leakage) to wear it higher?

Thanks so much in advance for you help.