April 22nd, 2004

Beech leaves

On the subject of leakage

I've just noticed this comment in the Mooncup leaflet:

"Leakage problems:
Please check that you have trimmed the stem to the correct length for you and ensure that you are aiming your Mooncup towards the small of your back. If you have the model B Mooncup and it continually moves around, or leaks, then you will need the model A, which is only 3mm bigger. If you find that the model A leaks then you can try pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the vaginal muscles which hold the Mooncup in place."

Has anyone with persistent leakage problems tried moving from a model A to a model B?

Next poll on leakage, methinks. I'd be interested to see if some makes of menstrual cup are more problematic than others.

(no subject)

I had to share this.

I just got back from my college's student health center, where I was diagnosed with a UTI. She asked me if I had been doing anything differently, like new sex partners, etc, and I told her I had switched to the keeper. She had no idea what is was. Not a single person on the whole staff knew. I whipped it out of my purse and showed it to her, and she said that it was probably what caused my UTI because diaphragms tend to do that. I explained to her that it wasn't contraception, and after about 10 minutes, she finally got it.

I'm going to send some literature over to my student health center ASAP.


I checked the memories and there's nothing there on UTI's. Anyone have any advice? Cranberry tablets while on my cycle?

Is the Keeper really to blame?

First Time

I just put my divacup in for the first time. It went in with no problem. My flow is pretty heavy. I wish I could fast forward a couple hours to see how it goes.

This is so exciting!