April 12th, 2004

(no subject)

has anyone else experienced cramps with the divacup(or whatever) when you insert it? the last two times and before my period when testing it out, i must do something wrong and it causes me to have cramps. i just went and tried to readjust it but i don't know if it helped and i didn't seem to have cramps when it was out. does anyone know what i am doing wrong? other than that i like it, oh and all of the other discharge (white thick sticky) that gets on my hands but this is only my second day using it!!


i know i asked a question kind of similar to this one a while ago, but i was wondering how people go about keeping the little holes in the divacup clean. i wash it with hot water between every use (unless i'm in a public washroom which hasn't happened yet), and i try my best to clean the holes, but sometimes i can't get it all out. any suggestions?