April 1st, 2004

new at this

hi, i just joined this group. i recently bought a divacup because i hate the inconvenience of other products. i was discouraged when i couldn't even get it in, but i kind of thought it might happen as i'm a virgin. it took me a couple of tries, and today i finally got it in. i can't feel it at all, and i'm very excited about that. i have a few questions and would greatly appreciate any help or advice.

what should i do to clean it? i have very sensitive skin and was wondering if its ok to not use soap, just hot water when i'm using it daily. what should i do between cycles? i've been reading this journal for about 2 weeks, and all different kinds of cleanings have been mentioned. in case i really should use soap, what kind would you recommend? unscented difinitely, but what specific kind?

thank you so much for listening to my crazy ramblings :)
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