March 31st, 2004


strange, but... cool

I know the keeper is a pretty obscure item, so when I walked into my very own dorm room day before yesterday and found my roomie looking at hers in semi-wonder, I was overjoyed :-) Granted, she got the Keeper and I use a Diva Cup.. Keeper seems softer/more pliable than the cup.. but anyway, that's just a quick thought.. it's pretty cool to see that there's another person on campus, but she's kind of worried about getting it to fit, which seems like a common paranoia for ppl around here who haven't successfully used them yet... pain was my first experience, but I suppose that can sound intimidating.

sorry to rant, just had to vent the enthusiasm.. my roomie thinks i'm normal!!!

cut out star logo

Radical Menstruation Buttons...

I run a radical D.I.Y. distribution called Unbound Books ( and we just got these buttons in and not too many people have seemed that excited about them but we think they are wonderful. I thought this community looked pretty rad and thought I'd post it here for those that might dig it. Well, here you go with this button. Enjoy.

Hugs and Revolution,
Liberte unLocked

NEW!!!Ask me about radical menstruation New 1 inch button from Britt from the wonderful Moxie Distro. Each one is handdrawn and colored, completely random. Has image of uterus on each button with the sentence "Ask me about radical menstruation" written. $1 each.

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