March 30th, 2004


Cups shorten period

A lot of people believe that cups shorten your period. The real culprit may be that tampons lengthen it, so that when you stop using them, you percieve that your period is shorter than usual.

I've been searching on-line to find an article I read about 5 years ago explaining that tampons lengthen periods, which I can now no longer find. This is the only evidence that even sites it, however, I e-mailed her to see if she can give me an actual article or study.

"Also, I hear many credible rumors that most commercial tampons are made of bleached cotton (bleach? in my vagina?!) containing minute amounts of the toxic chemical dioxin (dioxin?! in my vagina?!?!), and that the super-absorbent cotton sucks out one's natural and necessary vaginal fluids, and increases and lengthens menstrual flow."
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So, here's my situation:

Of course, I've always used pads and tampons. But lately, for various reasons, I've been wanting to try the Keeper. This is motivated partly because I feel bad contributing quite a bit of waste to the planet every month, and partly because I'm not happy with pads or tampons. Pads are just uncomfortable for me and tampons, I've been finding, dry me out. That whole TSS risk doesn't make me too happy either, especially since my flow is pretty heavy and I am therefore relegated to the Super and Super Plus absorpencies.

A couple of months ago, after doing some vague research, I decided that I would like to try the Keeper. Somehow I got it into my head that I could but it at a drugstore. Obviously, I couldn't, but decided to try Instead cups, figuring that they were more or less the same concept and if I could work with those then I'd most definitely order a Keeper.

Well, I hated the Instead cups. I didn't feel like they actually held anything. Plus, (and this is graphic) whenever I would remove them the release of the suction caused a rather bloody explosion, preceded by a noise that was a little unsettling. I can deal with this at home but since I am usually at work it's not that easy. My stall looked like a murder scene.

So, I guess what I'm wondering is the Keeper just completely different from the Instead cups? Was I way off base thinking that it would be a similar experience? Am I going to encounter the same mess if I have to empty it at work?

For the record, I am in no way disgusted by my blood or anything. I actually think it's pretty cool. I'm just not trying to create extra work for the custodial staff nor am I trying to stain any of my work clothes. :-)

muh first time!!

my period started today and i finally got to try out my new divacup!!! i am so excited. but i have some questions, first once i read that if you blow air into a vagina it can get into their blood stream and kill them. i feel like that when i push my cup further up, it farts out some air straight into my vagina. nothing bad is going to happen to me, right? second, everyone keeps saying you know when to change it. you can tell when it is full. how? finally, since this is my first time using it, it is akward. but i am hoping it becomes easier with time. the only thing i miss about tampons, is the flow in which it was removed and inserted. does it ever flow with the cup? or is it always an akward mess?

lots of questions, i know. but i am a new to this.