March 29th, 2004

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hi y'all,
i'm new to this community, but have explored it before. have had a diva cup for... about 9 months now. and i love it. absolutely. even went so far as to do a display about alternative menstrual products at this year's feminist fair on my campus. (diva cup even sent me a handy display model and extra pamphlets upon request!)

however. i'm having a problem - my beloved diva cup appears to be breaking! took it out in the shower and left it there while i showered, went to put it back in when i was done, and... there were little splinters in its surface where the material (silicone) started to break apart. now, as far as i knew, this stuff was supposed to be pretty much indestructable. so what is it that caused its demise? i'm not sure. i don't think any of my shower products even really got on it, but that seems about the most likely option at this point. any suggestions as to the possible offender?

i guess i'm going to have to order a new cup... i was really sad getting out the spare pads from my closet. haven't used them in so long... and i feel *so* much cleaner not getting menstrual fluid all over everything... which is funny, since some people think cups are gross because you're more in contact with the blood. i find them more hygenic because it's more contained.

and i have also noticed that using the cup makes my period a little shorter - i think, as someone else mentioned, that it may be due to the suction - after a certain point the uterus has shed its lining, and the rest just sort of comes out as it's ready. i'd assume that a little suction from the cup just sorta helps things along.
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