March 17th, 2004

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i've only read one or two testimonials about products like this that involve very heavy flow.
i usually have to change every 3 hours (or less if i'm not in the mood for any discomfort at all) for the first three days.
is this going to cause me problems? i really really hate periods and i would welcome anything that makes them less of a hassel, but i'm concerned about leaks. can a person get away with using one without any backup protection?
pick a muffin

using tampons - ack!

hey ladies. i've had my keeper for about a year now and have been using it successfully for like 9-10 months. i absolutely love it. i went from being pissed off at my period to enjoying it each month. it's really great and blah blah and i'm sure lots of you have had similar experiences with your menstrual cups.

but now i REALLY see how great it is, because i've been using tampons for this period. i came home from college for spring break and left my keeper behind, and i didn't expect to get my period. i had a box of tampons lying around, so i figured i'd use them, and YEESH. it's AWFUL. my vagina feels so dried out, and it's so inconvenient! monday night, i realized in bed that i probably should have changed my tampon. but instead, i figured it wasn't a HUGE deal 'cause it hadn't been in terribly long, and so i decided to change it tuesday morning. but i TOTALLY forgot and wound up leaving it in till around 3 pm! it was extremely inconvenient, not to mention that my vagina is now really irritated and i'm really paranoid about getting TSS. with my keeper, i can usually just leave it in overnight and then all day the next day without worrying about leakage, and i simply FORGOT that i'd have to change my tampon. yeesh.

anyway. just thought i'd share, as i terribly miss my keeper and feel immense love and longing for it.