March 7th, 2004

heeeeeeeeeeeelp please!

hello all,

i got a diva cup, and then i got my period, and so i went to put it in, and i can't even do it! i'm a virgin, but there have been things in my vagina before (fingers and such) and so i don't think it's impenetrable, but i folded it and i squirt lubey stuff ALL over it (and i was bleeding quite a bit), and i couldn't even get it in at all. it kinda hurt a little too. oh, and about that folding, i need a vice grip to keep that thing folded! how do you ladies take care of that?

somebody please give me tips on how to fit this thing in my small vagina.

also, will i be able to ride a biek with the keeper? i really want to use it, but i'm kind of skeptical. how can something that big not be felt?

anyhow, looking forward to your responses.