March 4th, 2004

  • zoopy

scuba diving and the keeper

does anyone know if it is safe to scuba dive with the keeper? my fear is that it might create an closed flexible container which could explode. now, that may sound extreme, but my understanding is that's why you always have to be breathing when on scube so that your lungs aren't closed/sealed space. because when the pressure changes, mostly importantly when you go up and the pressure decreases any gasses will expand. now, i'd rather not have my uterus explode, or have the keeper be pulled uncomfortbaly close to my cervix by a decrease in pressure when i descend. but, if i can use it, i'd rather use my keeper than go by tampons which i haven't had to do in several years.
i've filled out a question form at since doesn't sell keepers any more, but i'd rather hear from someone with actual experience.

another question

I have my DivaCup now (I got to use it and I love it!), and I also use the NuvaRing to regulate my horomones and make my ovaries not get pissed off at me. some months, my period has lasted longer than the "week off" with the ring. when that happened, I was able to use tampons like normal, but it strikes me that this won't work for the cup since it has to make a seal.

is anyone else in this boat?