March 1st, 2004

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with the basis of this board being primarily females, i want to post this for everyone to see. even if you aren't female, you have a mother, wife, sister or daughter that this can effect. please help!

on september 10-12th i'm participating in a 60km walk to fight breast cancer. that's 38 miles! i'm doing this for every female out there, because not ONE of us is invincible to this disease. now, i need everyones help.

i need to fundraise donations. these donations go to research for breast cancer, which will aide in finding a cure!

i really don't like to ask for money, and i feel horrible doing this so impersonally, but this is such an important topic.

you can donate here: as much or as little as you like! you can donate online, or print out a donation form. if you don't have a printer, i will mail you a form!

please give thought into this. i'm walking quite a ways and doing extreme training for this. help me help our hospitals figbht breast cancer!